Why Excellence Matters, Not Perfection

Vincent Vicari
2 min readOct 10, 2016



Is there a point in attempting perfection when no one is perfect? Leaders and bosses, (yes there is a difference), continually push their teams for perfection. But why?

Our brains think we need to achieve perfection. Our organizations need to strive to be the best. Yet, no one and nothing is perfect. So we chase this idea of perfection knowing we will never attain it.

So why not choose excellence instead?

Excellence Is Easy

Achieving excellence is far easier than achieving something no one can achieve. Excellence is simply doing your best, at whatever you do, every time you do it.

Every day is a new opportunity. A new start that builds on what you’ve learned your previous days. A fresh way of looking at things.

“Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ’Til your good is better and better is best.”

-St. Jerome

Perfection is really a myth and futile to attempt. Excellence is achievable. Does it take work? Of course. Does it require massive effort? Totally. Is it worth your time and energy? Absolutely.

Striving for excellence is not futile. It is purposeful. It is the driver of everything created and what successful leaders and bosses should strive for. The 1972 Dolphins were “perfect” in their wins record, but that was achieved through overall excellence.

Start each day with the idea that “I’m going to be excellent today.” See what happens. Create something. Draw, write, sing. Whatever you do to create, strive to make it excellent, not perfect.


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