Sometimes You Just Have To Create

Sometimes you just have to create. Rather than not doing anything at all, I think it’s better to put something down on paper. Or a screen in this case.

Like this blog post, I just had to write something. That’s what creativity is about. Creating is about doing. It’s not about holding yourself back. There’s enough in life that will create obstacles for you.

Why limit yourself?

In Florence, Italy, you will find the Florence Cathedral. There are many cathedral’s in Italy, but this one is special. Why? A guy named Filipo Brunelleschi designed and built a magnificent dome. He built this masterpiece for a number of reasons, but I like the fact he had to build the best.

He had to create the best dome in Renaissance Europe. He faced numerous obstacles, but he didn’t stop. He created solutions to problems. Brunelleschi was all in on the creative pursuit.

His example stands to this day.

Ask yourself what obstacles are you facing. Are they truly obstacles? I’ll leave the answer to you.

Unfortunately it’s far to easy for us to distract ourselves with what we perceive to be obstacles to success. The lesson, I believe, is to step back, reevaluate the situation and overcome.

The possibilities are endless as long as we try.

Originally published at Vincent Vicari .



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Vincent Vicari, MPA

Vincent Vicari, MPA

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