On Patience

Vincent Vicari, MPA
1 min readApr 4
Photo by Deniz Altindas on Unsplash

Life is better when one is patient. It’s simple really. If we are patient with our words, we have better relationships. If we are patient with our exercise and diet, we live healthier lives.

If we are patient with our children, we raise better humans. If we are patient with ourselves, we see more success in everything we do.

In leadership, if we are patient with our team, the results are better. Regardless of the project, the return on investment is better when patience is used.

In our creative pursuits, art isn’t always made instantly. Sometimes, a quick sketch is as beautiful as a painting taking months. But the development of skills takes time and therefore patience.

The false reality of our instant world is merely teaching us to be impatient. So why not slow down? Why not stop and take some time and be more intentional? Why not be…patient?

Vincent Vicari, MPA

Artist, illustrator, and writer on Personal Development, Leadership, and Creativity. See more at https://vincentvicariart.com