It’s OK to Stop

Vincent Vicari
1 min readMar 4, 2023

It’s been some time since I last wrote anything of substance. Why? I simply didn’t want to write. That was the realization. And I was fine with it.

In fact, it felt good to simply not do something because I truly didn’t feel like doing it.

Was it laziness? No. I did many other things instead.

Was it writer’s block? No. I had some ideas.

What it was, was simply acknowledging I didn’t want to. And this is the lesson: if you’re not required to do something, and you don’t need to do something, then don’t.

It’s OK to walk away. That reprieve is personal permission to simply stop.

I know I tie most things to leadership, so here is the lesson for leaders of all kinds: acknowledge when something is enough.

Recognizing you want to stop or simply not do something is human. This also is a perfect example of self-awareness and personal growth.

We’ll all do things as we want and need to. But it’s perfectly fine to give ourselves permission to stop.



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