How Creativity and Reflection Make Better Leaders

Calm Your Mind and Become More Self-Aware

Vincent Vicari, MPA
3 min readAug 1, 2022


Photo by Sage Friedman on Unsplash

Creativity is in all of us. It’s in there, whether you are someone who makes stuff or not. Creativity lies within.

But here’s the beauty of creativity, it’s not limited to art, writing, or music. We find creativity in all fields.

It’s how we progress. Creativity is how we innovate. Using your creative abilities is how we improve ourselves on an individual level.

This is why it’s imperative we, as people, pursue our creativity in whatever form. Maybe you’re a team leader or a project manager needing to find solutions to a problem.

Maybe you’re a teacher needing to find ways to engage your students.

Maybe you’re a dad like me trying to keep your kids interested in more than just screen-based entertainment.

All of these scenarios require us to not only lead others but to find creative ways of doing so.


I spend a bunch of my time and mental energy reflecting on the various encounters I have throughout my day.

These experiences add to the story of daily life. But these social experiences are one more way we learn leadership. That’s the practice, reflection is the study.

Reflecting on your daily interactions gives you a list, a foundation on which to build your skills on. Reflection provides an opportunity for us to see how others act and speak. We learn what makes people “tick.”

Reflection also, and probably most importantly, allows us to be more self-aware. Self-awareness is one of the most essential leadership skills. A leader, in any field, constantly needs to know how their own habits, needs, and behaviors impact others.

We learn what works for us and what doesn’t when interacting with others. For example, what John finds helpful, Dave doesn’t. This is where you develop the nuance of dealing with others.

Remember, as a leader, you are constantly being watched and observed by those you lead. Knowing yourself and how you are perceived is instrumental to your success.



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