Fear is failure

Don’t let fear stop you


Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

The fear of being wrong is a roadblock to success. Regardless of what field we work in, we’re taught being wrong is bad.

For many, the lessons of the past teach us that failure is a problem. We simply cannot fail.

Yet, it’s from failure that we learn. The most successful people, in any definition of the term, have failed. Then tried again. Mistakes lead to learning. Learning leads to solutions.

These solutions are the things that lead to advancements in medicine, the arts, technology, and business.

In leadership, if you fail, admit your failures and then improve. That lesson not only makes you a better leader but a teacher as well.



Vincent Vicari, MPA

Artist, illustrator, and writer on Personal Development, Leadership, and Creativity. See more at https://vincentvicariart.com