Discipline in Communicating

How leaders can inject discipline into their communications

Vincent Vicari
2 min readApr 29, 2024
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I’m going with a shorter post this week but an important leadership topic.

Leadership requires many skills. Leadership is, in many ways, an art as well as a science. The nuances required to lead others can’t be immediately learned. Like anything else, developing yourself into an effective leader takes time.

Leadership also requires discipline. Let’s level set on this, I am not referring to disciplining your subordinates. I’m talking about discipline in yourself and how you operate in your leadership role.

There are a few areas where discipline in leadership is essential. Let’s focus on a big one: communicating.

For some leaders, communicating is easy. They hold a meeting, they speak, say what they want to say and then end the meeting.

Others hold the same meeting, speak, give a minute for questions, and then end the meeting.

Our third group of leaders send out an email or record a video. Depending on what level of leadership you are (think senior executive), this may be appropriate.

Then there’s the leader who simply doesn’t communicate at all. This leader believes everyone will eventually figure things out as they see…



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