Consistency Makes Everything Easier

Remaining consistent builds your leadership

Vincent Vicari, MPA


Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

The ability to maintain consistency is a skill that separates the 1% from everyone else. Ok, maybe the 5% from everyone else.

Do you struggle with wanting to create more? What about your social media marketing strategy? Is your side hustle not hustling? Do you find yourself struggling with making time for the kids?

From reading more, eating cleanly, working out, engaging with team members, the list goes on. Finding the time and putting in the effort requires consistency.

Consistency in anything we do is the game-changer. Whether you’re good at something or not, doesn’t matter. If you are consistent, you will inevitably get better.

Can’t draw a circle? Start drawing circles every day. Consistently, daily, you will eventually draw better circles. My son plays the trumpet, and when he practices consistently, he gets better.

Simple. Easy.

Leadership is the same. Be consistent. Whether people agree with your decisions or not, isn’t what you’re after. As long as your team recognizes you are consistent and almost predictable (a little unpredictability is a useful tool), you will succeed.

I will never say remaining consistent is easy. However, like most other things, if you focus your efforts on consistency, everything else gets easier.

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