Authenticity As a Leader

Don’t be fake

Vincent Vicari, MPA
2 min readSep 19, 2022


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“Truth is a point of view, but authenticity can’t be faked.” — Peter Guber

Leadership is a daily test of our authenticity. Throughout our day, we are required to navigate the quirks and different personalities of our teams. It’s within this context, that we not only have to adapt but remain true to who we are.

One of the worst things any leader can do is be inauthentic. You simply cannot effectively lead others if you are not your true self.

Yes, there is legitimacy to “fake it until you make it,” but not at the expense of your authenticity.

It’s easy for others to see through your facade, so why risk it? Not to mention, what have you to prove by not being real?

Adaptation and Authenticity

During the course of our work day, we encounter numerous scenarios that require us to adapt. Again, each team member is unique and we have to tailor our approach to the individual.

That’s adaptation. But your authenticity will drive how you adapt.

For example, if you are generally not someone who invokes appropriate humor in your business interactions, don’t start now. It’s not typical of you.

Chances are you will feel uncomfortable and that will make the individual you are interacting with uncomfortable. They will question your authenticity. They will go as far as to question the truthfulness of what you’re saying.

Adapt to that individual by understanding who they are and how their personality works.

But it is your authentic self that will give you the confidence and clarity of thought to navigate the situation.

Being mindful of your authenticity not only improves your professional leadership skills, but your personal life will benefit greatly too. You will be happier, more resilient, and have an overall better sense of who you are.

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