Ask This Question To Improve Creativity

Simple questions lead to results

Vincent Vicari
1 min readMay 10, 2022
Photo by Buse Doga Ay on Unsplash

Creativity is a funny thing. We laud those we think are super creative. All the artists, musicians, and writers. In business, creativity is ranked up there with other leadership qualities.

To be creative is to be near heroic. Yet creativity is elusive. Our own creativity deceives us.

Just when we think we have an idea or a spark, poof, it’s gone. That creative moment is finished. Or in the words of my grandfather, finito.

But there is a trick to fostering creative moments. A way to encourage ourselves to pursue our creativity. To do this, we must ask ourselves a simple question.

What are we creating for?

We need to get to the root of our creative pursuit. We need to determine what our purpose is. Being creative is great. Being creative with a specific purpose is even better.

And yes, I consider creating for the sake of creating a purpose.

But first, ask yourself what’s the purpose of your creativity? What are you seeking out? Once you answer that question, the journey becomes easier, more clear.

That canvas won’t seem so blank.



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