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Artificial Intelligence and Your Skill In Critical Thinking

One way leaders, employees, and individuals can stay relevant in the age of AI

Vincent Vicari
4 min readApr 1, 2024


Leadership is a test. A constant test since problem after problem pops up. It’s the leader that must guide and decide. But it’s not just about leadership in the workplace, we as individuals need to step up ourselves.

Today’s big challenge: Artificial Intelligence.

Welcome to the advent of AI on a massive scale in the workplace and daily life. Whether we like it or don’t fully understand it, AI is more than a fad.

It’s not just another buzzword.

AI is here and is learning and developing and will continue to advance. So in this world of rapid technological progress, leaders, employees, and we as individuals are under more pressure.

Balancing the human with the AI. The pull of improved and increased productivity from AI presents all sectors with endless possibilities. And when we’re not working? Immense amounts of information and easy ways to problem-solve sit in the palm of our hands.

Or simply ask Alexa or say “Hey Google.”

But what about the human element?

This is where leaders, workers, and individuals are tested. Facing this dilemma of inevitable change in the workplace and life, how do we adapt? How do organizations adapt? How do individual employees adapt?

The quick, easy answer is skill development. Yep, that’s it. Keep developing your skills and learning.

But what a broad and ambiguous statement: keep developing your skills and learning. I have a few questions. What skills to focus on? What to learn? Where to start?

Over time I’ve learned that technical knowledge and skills, for the most part, are easily learned and incorporated into a person’s skillset.

Anyone can learn Excel, how to properly write an email, or even do SEO.

But in the age of AI, oh this daunting (and not so new) technology, many of these skills are replaceable.

So how does one adapt and learn? Easy: focus on the skills that we humans are still good at.



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